By Walt Carter

We Can’t Stay Here



Walt Carter’s book is an exceptional compilation of life stories cleverly weaved together to present a straightforward approach to managing change in an organization.


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Walt Carter

Walt Carter wrote “We Can’t Stay Here” for one simple reason- to share what he has learned over the course of his life about leading people to accept, adopt, and adapt to doing things differently. In particular, his right on guidance is directed at newly appointed “change leaders” so that they will have the lift they need to achieve success as change agents.

Long a fixture in the Atlanta business scene, Walt Carter is well known in most circles as the premier information technology specialist in the area. He is a top-flight teacher and consultant, not only in change management, but in all aspects of business performance improvement.

 He has years of experience leading and following through with large, transformational projects.

His Seven C’s of Change accomplish the mission to perfection.

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Do You have the courage for this journey?

Read and Explore We Can’t Stay Here and you will have access to some tried and true approaches to getting your big change implemented.

You will know how to:


Chart your course carefully – the more time you spend on the planning, the more likely you are to complete the effort.


Select effective controls for steering the effort and making key decisions along the way.


Select the best crew for the mission and help them understand the “what, why, and how” of the effort.

Cast Off

Cast off with clear expectations from a launch event that will help provide the momentum you and your crew will need to get past the initial inertia.


Connect the crew members to each other to optimize teaming and working together to optimize on each member’s unique strengths and minimize the effect of blind spots and ego weaknesses.


Communicate with clarity to maintain good order and discipline and to establish trust so that tense situations can be more easily navigated.


Collaborate effectively and efficiently to do the work needed and complete the handoffs required with no dropped batons.

Ready to bring true lasting Change to your crew?

What leaders are saying about We Can’t Stay Here

Walt is one of the most dynamic people I know and practices what he preaches. I have had the pleasure of working with him and watching him drive change for three companies throughout the years. His “show value first, then ask for trust” approach drives true alignment throughout organizations and with their partners. He always has an interesting perspective on things- leaving you thinking and asking questions about what is possible.

Tom Ellis


Read this book only if you wish to read what is written by a person with integrity, intellect, intent, impact, and insight. Walt has the unique capability to listen learn, leverage, and lead. You will benefit from what you learn from him and so will those who rely upon you to do what is needed to be done.

Paul Terlemezian

President, iFive Alliances, LLC

We Can’t Stay Here is a must-read for any IT executive leader that is looking to bring true lasting change to their organization and teams. Walt brings a clear perspective with vast knowledge and experience on the subject of change leadership that will lead you through the stormy IT seas to your desired destination.

Kelly Kierans

President, Celtic QA Solutions

Walt is one of the most experienced and smartest people I know. I always love getting his thoughts and opinion and he has a way of explaining things that keeps it simple and interesting. He is always willing to share and contribute to both our Atlanta community and the IT community within it. I recommend him highly!

Lee Crump

Managing Partner, The Crump Group, LLC

In his debut, We Can’t Stay Here, Walt Carter lays out a key roadmap that will help leaders not only survive, but thrive in the constant churn of context, data, and customer expectations so common in today’s enterprise.

Taz Lake

Author, Damaged Joy: Fixing Digital Experience.

Digital transformation and change management are critical to any modern organization, yet few truly understand how to get started and keep moving forward successfully. Walt has always helped me to filter out the noise and confusion change can create, His in-depth experience and practical advice have enabled me to navigate changes big and small. I’ve been fortunate as a new technology leader to experience Walt’s guidance firsthand. Hid advice and stories have made a significant difference for me in being able to institute the type of change my organization needed to succeed.

Shaun M Hunt

CIO, McKenney's

Are you a newly appointed leader and feeling like you are on stormy seas with your crew?

become a great Change Captain


Explore the Seven C’s of Effective Change Leadership – Charting your course, Controlling and navigating the journey, Choosing your crew, Casting-off with clarity and alignment, Connecting the crew to the mission and each other, Communicating for calm seas and for storms, and Collaborating for survival and for successful end of mission.

Walt shares lessons from 30-plus years of successful change leadership and provides some powerful tools to ensure that you can get your crew all the way through your big transformational efforts. Using these you and your crew will not only survive but you’ll confidently deliver the goods for your organization. You’ll be able to align your team and get the support needed to get the job done in a way that engages and lifts the spirits of all involved.

The stories you’ll read here are memorable and will help to establish you as an effective change captain – a set of skills worth a ship’s weight in treasure for years to come.

Prepare to set off on a new understanding of how to lead change and remember, “We Can’t Stay Here!”

You need 'We Can't Stay Here"

Leading change is a constant requirement for today’s marketplace, so why not get good (or even great) at doing this? There is nothing mystical about the process – everyone can learn how to use this proven framework to develop a team-driven leadership system for orchestrating change.